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Launch your own powerful talent marketplace in just 10 minutes with Spacewalk

Last updated:
September 14, 2023
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Now you can start your own powerful talent marketplace in just 10 minutes

Are you tired of grappling with complicated, technical, and expensive products to create your own talent marketplace or job board? Or are you seeking a user-friendly yet robust solution to replace tedious spreadsheets and manual processes with your colleagues?

We're thrilled to introduce Spacewalk's revolutionary end-to-end self-service workflow, empowering you to build a visually appealing and efficient talent marketplace platform in under 10 minutes—no technical expertise needed. Our latest update is crafted to expedite your launch process while providing an intuitive and sleek interface, allowing you to focus on expanding your business and connecting skilled professionals with relevant job opportunities.

Start a talent marketplace to suit your needs

Our versatile talent marketplace platform is tailored to meet your objectives, such as:

Start a powerful talent marketplace in 10 minutes with Spacewalk

A powerful talent marketplace in just minutes

Take full control of your marketplace settings, including its public or private status, and easily integrate your branding. In mere minutes, you can unveil a customised talent marketplace that enables you to:

  • Invite and share with job seekers and employers in your network
  • Post diverse job opportunities (full-time, contract, secondments, internships, gigs, etc.)
  • Automatically match job seekers to new openings and send notifications
  • Review job applications and contact them directly

Manage all these features and more all in one place within our user-friendly dashboard.

Review and track job applicants with your colleagues on Spacewalk
Example: Review and track applications with your colleagues

Want to learn more?

Explore how to start an internal talent marketplace or job board with Spacewalk, how employers can easily find talent, and how we support job seekers in discovering suitable opportunities.

Get started with a free trial

To make it even more accessible, we offer a 30-day free trial, a complimentary pricing plan, and no credit card requirement. We're dedicated to simplifying your experience and demonstrating the platform's value for your needs.

At Spacewalk, our mission is to streamline the talent marketplace creation process, believing that everyone possesses valuable skills to contribute. Our latest update reinforces our commitment to connecting people with the opportunities they need to thrive. Experience the best talent marketplace software today and witness the difference for yourself!

Get started today with a free 30-day trial

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