Introducing Spacewalk to the workplace

Last updated:
June 30, 2023
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Connecting talent to opportunities within your community or company

What is Spacewalk?

Spacewalk is a talent marketplace platform that enables any company or individual to start a marketplace to make it easy to connect talent to work opportunities across their community, network or company

➜ Employers post roles in marketplaces to access their target talent pool

➜ Job seekers find work opportunities that suit their skills and aspirations

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Employers post opportunities to access their target talent pool. Job seekers find opportunities aligning to their skills and experience

For job seekers

Create your free profile in just minutes

➜ Join talent marketplaces suited to your interests

➜ You’ll be able to view roles and the company profiles on marketplaces you join

➜ We’ll also notify instantly when roles are posted that suit your skills and aspirations

➜ Easy apply to each role

Create a profile and let the opportunities come to you as soon as they are posted

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For employers

Create your company’s free profile in minutes and invite fellow admins to join

➜ Join talent marketplaces suited to your company’s niche (ie sector, geography, etc)

➜ Post opportunities and select which marketplaces they are displayed in

➜ Opportunities can be for any role type (eg gigs, contracts, jobs, internships, secondments etc), work duration, working arrangement and more

➜ We’ll notify you as soon as applications are submitted

➜ You and your fellow admins review applications and contact applicants direct

Spacewalk is a refreshing alternative to mass jobs boards and expensive HR software. You can contact applicants directly and we don’t take  hiring commissions

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For businesses, community leaders and creators

Start and grow a talent marketplace to connect your community, network or company. Choose from our range of marketplace types to suit you:

➜ For any niche community (including skills bootcamps)

➜ For online group communities

➜ For talent on demand operators

➜ For finding staff cover

➜ For an internal gigs talent marketplace

➜ For a company’s careers page

Whether you are looking to connect a community, earn revenues, operate more efficiently, provide a new service or something else, our platform is flexible to suit your needs

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Any questions or need help? 

Contact our Support Team via the Live Chat at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or via our Contact Us page.

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