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Code of Conduct


Spacewalk’s mission is to connect people to work opportunities that match their skills, aspirations and unique preferences. We connect people to matching opportunities within their community, network or even within their own employer’s organisation.

Spacewalk is a place where all users can benefit. As such, we are committed to providing a welcoming, fair and positive environment for all our users.

This Code of Conduct sets out a broad framework of ethical conduct that all our users have an obligation to uphold. It does not attempt to provide an exhaustive list of what to do in all situations.

If you do not accept this Code of Conduct please do not use any Spacewalk services.


1. All users must comply with the law

All users of Spacewalk services need to comply with applicable laws to their jurisdiction, respectively.

2. All users must be treated respectfully

Treat other users respectfully and without discrimination for any reason including on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age and religion.

3. All users must use professional and ethical business practices

All users of Spacewalk services are expected to:

  • Follow all accepted business and professional norms and ethics in their dealings and communications with Spacewalk and other Spacewalk users and their staff
  • Be reasonable and act in good faith in respect of all dealings with Spacewalk and other Spacewalk users
  • Truthfully and accurately present information about themselves and any organisation they represent
  • Provide Spacewalk and other users with clear, complete and accurate information as reasonably requested
  • Treat any confidential information they receive about other users and companies as confidential and keep it securely. Users must not share any such confidential information unless approved by the disclosing party and must not use it for any purpose other than for receiving Spacewalk services
  • Not engage in any illegal, unethical, discriminating or abusive conduct

4. All content posted must be authentic

All users of Spacewalk services are expected to post content that accurately represents:

  • Themselves and, if applicable, their company
  • Genuine work opportunities for our users

Talent marketplace discussion posts

The following sets out specific additional expected behaviours for users who contribute to discussions on talent marketplaces:

1. Be kind and courteous

2. Respect everyone's privacy

3. No advertising, promotions or spam

4. No false or misleading information

5. No hate speech or bullying

6. No explicit or inappropriate content

Consequences for breach

If a user breaches a term of this Code of Conduct, Spacewalk may at its sole discretion, take any or all of the following actions against them:

  • Delete, alter or reject any of their content that contravenes this Code of Conduct.
  • Deactivate their Spacewalk account temporarily or permanently
  • Block their IP address from accessing our Website and Platform
  • Withhold any payments which are due to them
  • Investigate their violation of the Code of Conduct and take appropriate legal action against them
  • Inform appropriate law enforcement agencies if Spacewalk deems that their actions breach any applicable laws, including but not limited to, Anti Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Computer Misuse Act 1990 or any other criminal activity


If you believe a user has breached this Code of Conduct please contact us at

Updates to this Code of Conduct

Spacewalk reserves the right to update this Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice and you should regularly check this Code of Conduct for any updates, which will be available at

Last updated 9 September 2021