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Why skills bootcamps and academies need their own dedicated talent marketplace

Last updated:
September 14, 2023
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Learn how skills bootcamp graduates can connect to career opportunities

Skills boot camps, academies and job training programs are an increasingly popular way to help kickstart or fast-track careers. In the UK, for example, the Department for Education (DfE) funds the bootcamps as part of its 'Skills For Life' initiative. But what happens when a cohort of learners are ready to find their next career opportunity?

Sector-specific skills development

Skills boot camps, academies and job training programs allow their participants to build sector-specific skills in software development, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, data analytics, games development, fintech and more.

AWS re/Start is an example of a leading skills development and training program for cloud careers

When the cohort of learners graduates, they often rely on finding jobs through mass jobs boards, with the overwhelming sea of listings often of little relevance to their interests.

If the graduates are supported by a Careers Services team, that team faces a very manual and time-consuming task to try and match their graduates to potential career opportunities. It’s not easy to match each individual to roles that suit their unique preferences for the type of opportunity (eg job vs contract), working arrangement (eg remote v office-based) and even the actual employers they want to work for.

Meanwhile, employers want to tap into each program’s talent pool, but it can be slow and time-consuming to access this pool and find the people who are the right mutual fit.

There must be a better way.

Introducing a better way

What if each skills boot camp, academy or job training program provided a dedicated talent marketplace to connect individuals to career opportunities?

A dedicated talent marketplace automatically connects graduates to opportunities they’re interested in.

Graduates can view all opportunities that are dedicated to their cohort and can also get instantly notified about new opportunities that suit them. With a single click, they can apply for the opportunities they’re interested in.

The program organisers can post opportunities on behalf of their employer network. This helps them identify who from their cohort is the right fit and interested to be put forward to an interview with each employer.

Alternatively, the program organisers can choose to enable employers to post opportunities directly to the marketplace to directly access the graduate talent pool. They can review each application and contact the applicants directly.

With the support of the right talent marketplace technology, the program organisers should also be able to:

➜ Choose to control access to their talent marketplace, to limit access to their graduate job seekers, their employer network and even their alumni

➜ Add custom branding, registration and social sharing images

➜ View metrics on the levels of engagement in their marketplace

“We love Spacewalk because it is easy to use, it is very effective in connecting people to jobs in our community and it saves us a lot of manual effort. The time we have saved on making connections manually enables us to spend more time on our business and adding value to our customers" - Andy Almond (IN4 Talent / Skills City)

Why Spacewalk

Spacewalk is a leading talent marketplace platform that provides fully functional talent marketplaces for skills bootcamps, academies and job training programs.

➜ We offer a depth of easy-to-use features for the marketplace admins, employers and job seekers. For the marketplace admins, this includes custom branding, access controls (ie private marketplaces), metrics and a dashboard with all the tools to manage and grow your marketplace

➜ We are working with various leading boot camps and skills academies, including Skills City in the United Kingdom. Skills City provides skills boot camps in Immersive Technologies, Games Development (in conjunction with Unity Engine), Cyber Security, Cloud Technologies (in conjunction with AWS re/Start), Data Analytics and Software Engineering

We offer flexibility for program providers to operate their talent marketplace in the way that suits their goals:

  • Option 1 - Private marketplace for your learners and graduates. The Careers team posts opportunities to identify who is a good fit and interested to be put forward for interview
  • Option 2 - Private marketplace for your learners, graduates and employer network. Invite employers to post opportunities to directly connect with your learners and graduates
  • Option 3 - Public marketplace for your whole community. Invite your community to join your talent marketplace to connect job seekers and employers

Start a talent marketplace in just 10 minutes. Try Spacewalk on our 30-day free trial.

Any questions or need help? 

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Start a talent marketplace in just 10 minutes. Try Spacewalk on our 30-day free trial

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